Vincent Shaw

Wolf of the Sands


Name:Vincent Alexander Shaw
Moniker:Desert Wolf
Voice Actor:Graham McTavish
Eye Color:Amber
Body Type:Toned/Fit
Body Hair:None
Skin Color:Bronze
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Hair Color:Black

Vincent learned from a very young age how cold and cruel the world could be. From his mother passing away due to an unknown illness when he was five years old, to a verbally and physically abusive father projecting his anguish and grief upon his son.After one particularly brutal session on his eight birthday, Vincent was resolved to strike out on his own. To live a better life than the one he had with his father. It was there that the young boy made his way to Ul'dah, only to realize his newest challenge of living by oneself at such a young age.The young Elezen quickly adapted to life on the streets over the years. Learning the necessary skills in order to survive, such as the art of pick pocketing, lying, stealing, and critical thinking. At the age of twelve, Vince was recruited into a criminal syndicate known as The Ruby Jackals by the man who he would eventually look up to as a surrogate father figure.Many years came and went with the Duskwight honing his craft, mastering the skills he'd learned while on the streets. Vincent quickly rose through the ranks of the syndicate, eventually becoming the right hand of the man who led them.On one particular night during a botched heist in Ul'dah, the syndicate would find itself broken, shattered and leaderless. The survivors looking to Vincent and it was then that he was face with yet another challenge. The challenge of leadership.Donning the mantle in which his brothers and sisters bestowed upon him, Vincent redirected the brotherhood's efforts, narrowed the margin of their work to the art of smuggling while recruiting other lost or wayward souls to his cause for the hopes and dreams of a better life.


  • Smuggling/Business: Need something illegal brought from one point to another swiftly and discretely? Vincent has you covered

  • Tavern: Drinks? Say less.

  • Slice Of Life: Nothing says relaxing like a day at the beach or a stroll through the city. If you see him, join him. More the merrier.

  • Combat: Looking for a friendly spar? Maybe Vince wronged you and now you seek vengeance. Should talks of negotiation fail, he has no qualms about drawing steel.

  • Adventure: This Elezen is a man of unquenchable curiosity. Vincent yearns for discovery and to learn. There isn't a place he wont go in the pursuit of knowledge.

  • __After Dark(21+)__: This is a certainly doable task with a small amount of effort and determination.


First off let me start by saying thank you -very- much for taking the time to stop by and check out Vincent's carrd. It's greatly appreciated.

Now in regards to the writer behind the character. Im a 21+ year old gent living up in the North East with quite a few years of RP experience under his belt. I work full time and have a rather active social life at times between my family and friends. That being said, I do make it a point to log in whenever I manage to find myself with free time on my hands.

Please note that whatever acts are preformed, beliefs held or things said while in character are in no way a reflection of me as the writer. IC =/= OOC. And on that same topic, I'm not looking to engage or indulge in any sort of OOC romantic relationship. Friendships? Most definitely. Always enjoy making new friends but that's as far as I'm willing to go in that endeavor.

With that little side note out of the way, should you be interested in meeting Vince, or want to set up some form of Rp, I'd love to hear from you. I can do either short term or long term RP sessions with the latter being my personal preference. My writing style tends to be that of a 'Mirrored' approach but stand alone, on average, is anywhere between 1.5 - 2 paragraphs.

Solenya is my Discord name should you wish to reach out to discuss potential RP story or plot but find me unavailable in game.